Advancing Careers and Training (ACT) for Healthcare Through Student Support Services

Sep 12, 2017
  • Description

A key strategy pursued by ACT for Healthcare colleges – and the focus of this Issue Brief – is the delivery of various support services to improve healthcare students' success in completing industry-recognized credentials in Nursing, Medical Assistant, Gerontology, and other high-demand fields.

Strategies include academic supports such as enhanced classroom instruction, tutoring, and test preparation, as well as non-academic supports like personal counseling and case management, job search and placement, and study skills and time management.

The information we present in this Brief is based on qualitative and quantitative data collected on student support services, as part of the third-party evaluation of the ACT for Healthcare initiative. As part of these data collection efforts, we conducted site visits in 2016 to 15 colleges, facilitating in-person interviews and focus groups with key ACT for Healthcare support services staff, project leaders, faculty, and administrators.

Support services development and delivery was a key strategy explored in these site visits. In addition, colleges collected and submitted student-level data on out-of-class support services provided in targeted healthcare programs.