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This discussion guide is designed to help you think through the concepts presented in Janice Nittoli's paper, Acts of Commission: Lessons from an Informal Study, and consider how you might apply them in the everyday practice of philanthropy. The guide contains four exercises:

  • The first exercise provides a role-play to explore the match between a commission strategy and foundation goals and mission.
  • The second exercise presents a template to plan a commission's membership, and assure that it contains a balanced and diverse group of decisionmakers.
  • The third exercise involves creating a "History of the Future" to identify the combination of elements that lead to a successful commission.
  • The fourth exercise offers a series of questions to help a foundation staff person prepare to work with a media consultant to promote a commission's work.
Following the exercises, a resource page contains Nittoli's checklist to help funders assess their readiness to launch a policy commission.

Acts of Commission: Lessons from an Informal Study - Discussion Guide