AAACF Washtenaw County Capital Research Report: 2020 Analysis of Local Capital Flow & Opportunities

Oct 14, 2020
  • Description

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation commissioned this research from Revalue and EntryPoint to assess the flow of capital across Washtenaw County. Over the past two years, AAACF has embarked on a journey of discovery around a vision to help build an equitable economic development ecosystem that includes placebased impact investors who are contributing to sustainable and inclusive prosperity for all of Washtenaw County's residents. Our vision in commissioning this report is to determine the sources of capital investment into Washtenaw County-based businesses, who is benefiting from that capital investment, how much capital might be at play in any given year, and a first attempt to quantify how much capital is needed to have a thriving and equitable economy. While the community has access to a wide array of data sets, how capital is flowing through the county is something that has not yet been studied. To do so, EntryPoint analyzed results from 593 unique institutional investors, registered investment advisors, bank trusts, Washtenaw County companies, and individual investors.