• Description

This report provides a snapshot of near shore fisheries law and governance in Fiji as of January 2015. It includes an objective, detailed description and analysis of both the modern legal system based on English common law and the traditional iTaukei system of law and governance, and how they apply to near shore fisheries throughout the country. The report also seeks to clarify the relative balance – and the potential gaps, redundancies, and limitations – between these two governing systems by describing how they are or can be used for day-to-day, practical management of near shore fisheries and coastal resources. Ultimately, this report is intended to shed light on a governance system that, on the one hand, has done well over the past 10-15 years to facilitate a dramatic increase in efforts to improve near shore fisheries management in Fiji; but on the other hand, probably requires a thoughtful update sometime in the next several years, with input from all stakeholders, if it is going to promote durable changes in the way near shore fisheries resources are managed for the benefit of both human welfare and environmental integrity.