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Quality Services, Better Outcomes provides a practical resource for front-line staff, service managers and organisationsthat are currently implementing or intend to implement evidence-informed programmes and services for children,families and communities. It offers a practical and user-friendly support to those committed to drawing on research,best practice and Irish experience to maximise their potential for supporting better outcomes.This second edition of Quality Services, Better Outcomes includes additional chapters that have been developed basedon our experiences in Tallaght West, Limerick, Dublin's inner city and many other communities. Everything in thisWorkbook has been informed by our work with schools, communities and a range of organisations that have a singlecommon denominator: all wanting to help children and families do better. Contexts change and new issues emerge,and so we need to be responsive, agile and flexible. We hope that you will use, adapt, learn from and add to thisdocument. It remains a work in progress!