A People’s Guide to Healing the Nation: Advocating for Better Mental Health and Addiction Policy in our Communities

Aug 12, 2021 | by
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Mental health impacts the well-being of every individual and our communities, our ability to form and maintain relationships, our ability to learn and to be successful at work, to be productive members of our society, and to lead happy, healthy lives.

This guide is intended as an introduction to mental health and to the changes that experts and those with lived experience tell us will make the biggest impact. It's for all of us - parents and teachers, young people and professionals, community leaders, family caregivers and those who want to get more involved, and everyone in between. We're all impacted by our own mental health and the mental health of those around us, and there are steps we can take to better care for ourselves and our communities.

The guide is by no means an exhaustive or complete list of everything that needs to change about our approach to mental health in America. Rather, it is a summary of some of the changes we think would make the most impact and help get our communities moving in a positive direction.