A New National Fellowship for Food Systems Leaders

Sep 28, 2017
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Despite significant progress over the past several decades, our food system remains the driver of some of our nation's most entrenched problems: from widespread hunger to public health epidemics of diet-related illnesses; from environmental impacts like water and air pollution to the lack of competition in markets; and from food access limitations to devastated rural economies. We believe the food system needs transformational change -- and that in order to create such change, we must invest in leaders working at the intersections of health, agriculture, environment, and social justice, giving them time to think deeply, connect across a diversity of strategies and issues, and strengthen essential skills.

Developed in consultation with dozens of people across the USA, led by a funder steering committee of the 11th Hour Project, GRACE Communications Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, and the Panta Rhea Foundation, the fellowship builds on lessons learned from the hugely successful W.K. Kellogg Foundation Food & Society Fellows program (2001 to 2013).