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Technology and the web have the potential to transform learning, but only if educators build on the foundation of a clear curriculum strategy.

In this archived webinar, district and school administrators examine technology through the lens of teaching and learning. This curriculum-first approach requires a clear articulation of academic goals in order to identify the programs, applications, and devices that will support these goals.

In addition, administrators examine their own sites and explore the role that an aligned organizational structure plays in the success of a technology initiative.

Mike Casey, Director of Technology, Del Mar (CA) Union School District, discusses:

  • Articulating your site's curriculum focus for all stakeholders. What is the "elevator" version of your curriculum focus?
  • Structuring your organization for success. Are the right people in the right roles?
  • Identifying the best tools to support your curriculum focus. How do you make informed decisions about identifying the best technology tools, programs, and applications to support your curriculum focus?
  • Examining infrastructure readiness. Is your site ready for a high-density, saturated wireless environment? What should it look like and how will you manage it?

A Curriculum-First Approach to Technology and the Web