A Blueprint for Juvenile Justice Reform

Jan 01, 2006
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Youth in the justice system are not so different from other youth that many foundations already serve. If your foundation supports youth development, education and after school programs, foster care, workforce development, or public health -- sectors where foundations are promoting significant change -- then you will recognize many of the same youth entangled in the juvenile justice system. Juvenile justice systems, too, are changing. The most advanced jurisdictions are reducing institutionalization for the vast majority of youth. And for those youth who must be conf ined, they are preparing them to pursue meaningful educational and vocational opportunities when they return home. The Juvenile Justice Work Group of the Youth Transition Funders Group is composed of regional and national grantmakers working across fields of justice, education, foster care, and mental health. Supporting policies and programs that treat youth like youth, we aim to help governments and nonprof its preserve public safety and improve young people's chances to become successful and productive adults.