360 Degrees For Mission : How Leading European Foundations Use Their Investments to Support Their Mission and The Greater Good.

  • Description

360-degrees for Mission aims to spark the interest of European foundations in the opportunities offered by SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) and impact investments to advance their mission using the full spectrum of foundation resources. Ultimately, the report should support the work of existing platforms, such as the European Foundation Centre (EFC) Social Investment Group, and the creation of new initiatives aimed at connecting foundations that currently make SRI and impact investments with foundations that are interested in developing that capacity.

The report clarifies the concepts of SRI and impact investing and points foundations to high-quality resources for further investigation. It makes a candid assessment of the obstacles that hinder the adoption of SRI and impact investing at foundations and offers information for foundations to gain confidence that a well-designed investment policy incorporating these elements is a realistic, financially-sound option. The report also describes how foundations might practically implement the decision to invest their capital endowments under SRI and impact investing principles.

The core of the report, however, consists of eight individual case studies of innovative European foundations in the field.