2020 Post-Mortem Part One: Portrait of a Persuadable Latino

Apr 01, 2021
  • Description

Equis has been conducting a post-mortem of the Latino vote in the 2020 election, specifically geared toward (a) documenting where Trump and the GOP made gains with Latino voters (and where they didn't), and (b) trying to explain that movement.

Part One of the post-mortem focuses on which Latino voters may have shifted toward the previous president. We lean on the more than 40,000 interviews with Latino voters that Equis conducted in the 2020 cycle, as well as new and ongoing post-election research, precinct results, voter file data, and publicly available datasets. Our analysis also takes into account qualitative evidence from our focus groups and online journals, debriefs with academics and state-based partners, and excellent reporting on Latino voters from the election.

Part Two of the post-mortem which focuses on the questions of "Why?" and "What now?" was published December 14, 2021.