2014 Giving Report: A Look at Fidelity Charitable Donors and How They Give

Jun 03, 2014
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Based on an analysis of the ways our more than 104,000 donors use their nearly 64,000 donor-advised funds, this report helps provide a picture of who the donors are and how they approach philanthropy. The data tells the story of a dynamic and diverse base of donors who actively use their donor-advised funds -- called Giving Accounts® -- to support a wide range of charitable causes. Established in 1991,Fidelity Charitable is an independent public charity with a mission to further the American tradition of philanthropy by providing programs that make charitable giving simple and effective. Today, Fidelity Charitable sponsors the nation's largest donor-advised fund (DAF) program. In this report, all data and figures presented are through December 31, 2013, unless otherwise noted.