2013 Rural Pulse Research - Executive Summary

May 07, 2013
  • Description

Rural Pulse™ is a research study that has been commissioned by the Blandin Foundation since 1998 to gain a real-timesnapshot of the concerns, perceptions and priorities of rural Minnesota residents. This initiative was last conducted in 2010and served to identify trends within significant, complex subject areas such as the economy, education, employment andquality of life. Past studies have also included canvassing opinions within the Foundation's "home" geographical area as well as among Blandin Community Leadership and Blandin Reservation Community Leadership Program alumni. The Foundation chose to undertake this effort again in 2013 to accomplish the following objectives: Understand the issues rural residents and leaders prioritize within their communities; Learn if community needs are being adequately addressed; Compare and contrast issue movement in comparison to past Rural Pulse studies; and, new for 2013, Gain an understanding of how the opinions of urban Minnesotans and those of ethnic and cultural differences compare to at-large findings. The Blandin Foundation also is providing an urban dimension to this year's study, made possible through support from the Minnesota Community Foundation. This document is the executive summary of this research study