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The big questions are always: are things getting better? Are nonprofits finding more success online? Are the top-line numbers up? Should your online fundraising director get a raise? And in a lot ofways, the answers are yes. Online and email programs continue to grow in importance for nonprofitsof every size and in every issue area. Overall, online revenue has increased, email list sizes keepgrowing, and organizations are using social media to reach more supporters than ever before. This is the seventh edition of the eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services andNTEN. The data represents information generously provided by 55 nonprofits of various sizes who have partnered with us to create a snapshot of their online performance in 2012. This study contains measures of email messaging, email list size, fundraising, advocacy,social media, and mobile programs. Participating organizations are broken down by sector, by email list size, and by Facebook fan page size for the Social Media section.