2013-2014 Congestion Management Process (CMP) Supplemental Projects Status Memorandum

Aug 01, 2014 | by
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This memorandum is the seventh review of the status of supplemental projects for major Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) capacity-adding projects in the region's Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs). The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission worked with project sponsors to identify or update Congestion Management Process (CMP) commitments for six projects, including five major SOV capacityadding projects in Pennsylvania that did not already have an approved table of supplemental commitments. Commitments for one project in New Jersey are updated in this memorandum. All projects reviewed were found to be making reasonable progress with supplemental projects in accordance with federal CMP regulations. The passage of Pennsylvania Act 89 of 2013 has led to the reactivation of many projects that were on hold for years due to lack of funding. Each of these projects was already in the project pipeline prior to being listed in the FY 2015 -- 2018 PA TIP for Final Design and Construction funds. Supplemental commitment tables for these projects are documented in this memorandum