1973 W.K. Kellogg Foundation Annual Report

Jan 01, 1974
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"We know better than we do ... " This virtual truism describes most areas of social concern and endeavor. In efforts to better the human condition, what is usually falls short of what might be, with the short fall due at least in part to failure to fully utilize existing intelligence. While knowledge generation through research is a perpetual imperative, an equally unending challenge is the utilization for human benefit of that which is already known. Recognizing this failure of society to use for human betterment know­ledge which is available, W. K. Kellogg gave to this Foundation its distinctive commitment, "for the application of knowledge to the problems of people." Through 43 years the Foundation has remained true to this philosophical concept, addressing significant human issues with pragmatic philanthropic answers. As society and life have become more complex, so too have the problems to which the Foundation addresses its attention. Most of the problems which concern our society today are interrelated, multi-­disciplinary, diffuse; on the contrary, the solutions which society de­vises are usually specific, proscribed, simplistic. To appreciate this, think for a moment of the "issues and answers" related to such topics as improving health care services for all, accommodating lifelong learning needs, and providing for human nutritional requirements. This dichotomy between the nature of contemporary problems and the solutions designed to redress them is a major source of frustration and failure. The support of more adequate responses to complex current issues represents the major emphasis of this Foundation's program activities.