1964 W.K. Kellogg Foundation Annual Report

Jan 01, 1965
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Foundations have been characterized as "competent agencies constantly on the watchtower." Times and patterns change, and Foundation efforts must embody flexibility and planning for tomorrow in assisting experimental ventures for Man's progress. Over the years, our administration and staff have striven to be alert to whether previously and currently aided programs should be superseded by fresher concepts and methods — perhaps with a change of emphasis or even by moving into entirely different fields.Peering into the future, then, is a year-round activity of this Foundation. Seldom, however, does such planning involve our own facilities as it did for a portion of the time during 1964. During this period, we conferred with many people relative to new Foundation headquarters which would have maximum function and dignity. We believe the building, expected to be ready for occupancy by January of 1966, will fulfill these expectations.