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Innovative philanthropy is essential if philanthropists, and the charities and social enterprises they fund, are to address the complex social and environmental issues we face today. Improving philanthropy is about channelling more money and better money. We have highlighted ten exciting innovations from around the world which are helping to grow philanthropy -- bringing in more money -- or to ensure resources are used more effectively -- spending money better. We worked with the world's leading philanthropy experts to identify and select these ground-breaking approaches which we believe have the potential to make the biggest difference to how the philanthropy sector works. Among other criteria, we chose innovations which can be replicated in the UK. And we focussed on giving-related innovations rather than social innovations that philanthropists can invest in. We would like to see these innovations replicated or scaled up in the UK. And we would also like to see new innovations emerging. For this to happen, we believe that greater openness, bolder leadership and a more confident approach to trying new approaches is needed.