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Strategic Communication Planning Hub

July 13, 2023

The Strategic Communication Planning Hub by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is a free online resource that provides valuable tools and insights for strategic communication planning. It includes guidance on content writing, digital strategies and tactics, message development, communication strategies for change and more. It also features an interactive tool where you can build your own communication plan.

Embracing the pilot mindset: A guide to use pilots to improve DEI initiative success

June 28, 2023

Many diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives require a careful orchestration of long-term strategy planning, leadership and employee buy-in, and behavioral and mindset shifts. Thinkabout a time you had to stop or modify an initiative midway because it was not working. What went wrong? What could you have done to prevent it? DEI initiatives that use a pilot approach are two-to-three times more likely to succeed than those that try to implement all at once without testing and learning. An initiative pilot helps you test out an idea to gain the necessary feedback and buy-in from your organization before implementation. This guide, created through the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Expanding Equity program, will take you through the process of developing pilots for initiatives. It include examples and advice from companies that used a piloting mindset when planning, implementing and assessing initiatives.

Diversifying Suppliers, Vendors and Business Partners as Part of DEI Strategy: Beacon Capital Partners Case Study

June 28, 2023

This case study is part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Expanding Equity program, which helps workplaces become more racially equitable places of opportunity. The program supports and inspires companies to take action using four pillars: Attract, Belong, Promote and Influence. Each pillar offers unique opportunities for advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion in companies. This case study lifts up actions from the Influence pillar, which focuses on advancing racial equity through a company's products, services or relationships externally.At Beacon Capital Partners, having a workplace that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) means being intentional with choosing external business partners who share those same values. The firm recognized that United States' real estate industry as a whole is an overwhelmingly White, male-dominated business. They initially looked at its recruitment practices to expand their DEI efforts. In doing so, they learned that creating a space of inclusion and belonging went beyond recruiting practices and should also include all the firm's functional engagements. The firm works with numerous vendors and suppliers in its work and saw an opportunity to expand business partner diversity by working with firms holding Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) certification and increasing its total spend on diverse vendors and suppliers at its properties. This led Beacon Capital to pilot its business partner diversity initiative, which lead to an increase in their total property spend on diverse vendors and suppliers from about 4% of controllable operating expense spending with diverse business partners in the pilot properties in 2017 to around 27% of controllable operating expense spending in 2022.

Industry Actions for Racial Equity –Investment Management

April 25, 2023

This workplace transformation guide considers the state of racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) for the investment management industry and shares insights, actions, common pitfalls and examples from leading organizations that are part of the Expanding Equity (EE) program network. The guide recommends actions companies can take, organized by the four pillars – or areas of opportunity – of the EE program, where the investment management industry can advance REDI, including a mini-case study from a peer company:Attract – Attracting and hiring professionals of color into the company to increase representation at all levels of the organizationCase study from Värde Partners on creating entry-level pathwaysBelong – Ensuring that all professionals, regardless of racial/ethnic group identity, feel respected and can be successfulCase study from KKR on launching an inclusion network and expanding an Inclusion & Diversity CouncilPromote - Ensuring that professionals of color feel supported and have the same advancement opportunities as White professionalsCase study from BlackRock on implementing a sponsorship program for Black and Latinx managing directors and directorsInfluence – Advancing racial equity through an organization's products, services or relationships in the industries and communities in which it operatesCase study from Vista Equity Partners on launching an external board program to source diverse board candidates for its portfolio companies 

Making Mexican History in Battle Creek Website

January 15, 2023

Educational website teaching Mexican and Latino history in Battle Creek, MI.

Engagement & Equity First: Opportunities and Challenges for Federal Funding Implementation

December 1, 2022

As part of their ongoing commitment to equitable policy, the Southern Economic Advancement Project recently released "Engagement & Equity First: Opportunities and Challenges for Federal Funding Implementation," produced with support from the Kellogg Foundation. Federal funding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic provided a microcosm to evaluate public policy design and implementation. Interspersed with reflections from interviewees and survey participants who have experience with federal funding programs, the report offers an extensive assessment of the challenges and opportunities in federal funding implementation, with concrete and actionable steps to expand community engagement and provide equitable access. 

Think Inside the Box

November 30, 2022

We developed "Think Inside the Box" classroom game kits as an offshoot of our Pasos Ajenos museum exhibition WKKF funded in 2019 to develop a traveling exhibit to educate New Mexicans and develop conversations supporting a statewide education paradigm shift. We received many requests for games from the 500-plus middle/high school students and educators who saw the exhibit in Las Cruces and Bernalillo. Kits contain eight games on themes such as power, ideology, borderlands knowledge and environmental justice that create fun/engaging ways to talk about difficult topics. We've distributed 20 class kits across New Mexico and two to California partners. Class kits are being requested for early childhood education levels.

Revisional Social Studies Summer Institute Conference Proceedings

November 5, 2022

RVSS presented at:*Association of Ethnic Studies, 11/5/22: Dr. Dulcinea Lara/Dr. Cynthia Wise presented on classroom kits. Audience: 30.*NMSU Research/Creativity Week Symposium, 2/21-22/2023: Drs. Lara/Wise presented on classroom kits, RVSS Curriculum Writing Institute. Audience: 45.*American Educational Research Association, 4/13/23: Dr. Blanca Araujo presented on RVSS Curriculum Writing Institute processes/expected outcomes. Conference attendance: 10,000-plus.*New Mexico Association of Bilingual Educators, 4/13/23: Dr. Susana Ibarra Johnson presented on the culturally/linguistically responsive nature of lessons developed during the curriculum writing institute and on process stages/expected outcomes. Conference attendance: 300-plus.

GSRP Assessment Tool: Version 1

October 31, 2022

This is Version 1 of the GSRP Assessment Tool. The purpose of this tool is to provide a self-assessment of the capabilities and risk factors for a potential GSRP funding recipient. The scoring rubric of the assessment tool serves to provide a range of risk exposure elements related to compliant and sustainable GSRP funding in addition to identifying priorities for capacity-building training and technical assistance activities.

Los Guardianes de Chemuyil

September 2, 2022

Espanol - En la Riviera Maya, donde se construyen complejos turísticos entre densas selvas y playas de arena blanca, se encuentra Chemuyil. Aquí el futuro del turismo avanza enormemente, desplazando a los habitantes originales y privatizando sus playas. Pero los mayas de la zona se están organizando para preservar estos ecosistemas, que serán cruciales en la lucha contra el cambio climático. Esta es una cobertura de Gatopardo publicada en nuestra edición de enero y este es el resultado de la primera fase de una de las seis coberturas en colaboración con la WKKF.English - In the Riviera Maya, where tourist complexes are built between dense jungles and white sand beaches, is Chemuyil. Here the future of tourism advances enormously, displacing the original inhabitants and making its beaches private. But the Mayans of the area are organizing to preserve these ecosystems, which will be crucial in the fight against climate change. This is a coverage by Gatopardo published in our January issue and this is the deliverable of the first fase of one of six coverages in collaboration with the WKKF.

Advancing DE&I Representation Goals through Formal Incentives: Oshkosh Corporation Case Study

August 1, 2022

This case study is part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Expanding Equity program, which helps workplaces become more racially equitable places of opportunity. The program supports and inspires companies to take action using four pillars: Attract, Belong, Promote and Influence. Each pillar offers opportunities for advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion in companies. This case study lifts up actions from the Attract pillar, which focuses on attracting and hiring professionals of color into a company, in turn increasing representation at all levels of the organization. Oshkosh took the following actions:Researched different data points and benchmarks and set one of their racial equity aspirations: to be an organization with the best talent that reflects broader market demographicsTook their research and collaborated with their Total Rewards and Finance teams to link DE&I representation goals to leader compensationEstablished their DE&I representation goals and milestones and tied them to a formal incentive planMobilized their employees to act by using multiple channels (e.g., key leadership meetings, internal DE&I newsletter) to build awareness of these changes

Advancing Racial Equity in Maternal-Child Health and Addressing Disparities through a Reproductive and Birth Justice Lens - Full Report

June 24, 2022

Fom 2014 to 2015, W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) partnered with the University of New Mexico evaluation team to conduct a study to examine if and how the Foundation's investments in the strategies of folic acid initiative, home visiting, doulas, breastfeeding peer counselors and baby-friendly hospitals were improving maternal-child health in WKKF's priority places in New Mexico. One key finding in the Healthy Birth & Early Development in New Mexico evaluation report was that these strategies supported a continuum-of-care that is essential for strengthening the health and wellbeing of babies, mothers, and families from preconception through a child's third year. A continuum of care framework was developed by the evaluators to capture achievable short-term outcomes such as healthy family behaviors, policy change and systems change that over time could be linked to improvement in the long-term outcomes of full-term births, healthy birth weights, exclusive access to mother's milk, decreased adverse childhood experiences, increased social support, improved parental well-being, and healthy developmental milestones.