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'I Saw the News on Facebook': Brand Attribution when Accessing News from Distributed Environments

January 1, 2017

The growth of social media and other aggregators over the last few years has changed the nature of online consumption.Our question is: Do people remember the news brand when they visit a story via social media or search engines? In order to answer this question we used a YouGov panel to automatically track website usage by a representative sample of UK internet users and then served a survey to see if they could remember the brand.We find that less than half could remember the name of the news brand for a particular story when coming from search engines or social media. Users were more likely to remember the brand via social media and search engines when they read a story from their main source of news. Young people were also more likely to correctly attribute a news brand when coming from social media compared with older respondents.

REACH Country Diagnostic Report, Bangladesh

December 1, 2015

Water security is a defining feature of the opportunities and limits for growth and development in Bangladesh. Complex hydrology, chronic water-related risks, high exposure to water-related hazards and rapid environmental change mean that Bangladesh is already addressing challenges that will affect other South Asian countries in the decades ahead. This report highlights the key water security risks to Bangladesh's growth and poverty reduction efforts and illustrates evidence of significant but uncertain water security risks. It examines the progress made by Bangladesh in reducing poverty and improving growth and potential locations to establish REACH Water Security Observatories for 'universal drinking water security' and to reduce 'water security risks for the coastal poor'.

The Impact of International Migration on Social and Economic Development in Moroccan Sending Regions: A Review of the Empirical Literature

January 1, 2007

The author analyses the impact of international migration on social and economic development in Moroccan sending Regions.

A Client-community Assessment of the NGO Sector in Uganda

June 1, 2005

The article uses original survey data to analyse the satisfaction of communities on NGO services for NGOs that endeavor to redress the balance between rich and poor communities in Uganda.