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Cross-Sector Partnership Formation

May 1, 2012

A cross-sector partnership is a collaborative effort in which parties from different societal sectors pool resources to provide solutions to (perceived) common problems.These partnerships are often rather complex because of a number of reasons: (1) they address complex issues, (2) they are implemented under (often) uncertain circumstances, and (3) they bring together parties that each have a different language, a different culture, and different interests and strategies. This knowledge is not new, but has been poorly understood so far. Complexity is further increased by the factors that influence the actual formation of a partnership when they are not well understood or managed as well.

CSOs & Business: Joint Agents for Change

January 1, 2012

Slow burners. That is a good way to describe partnerships between businesses and Civil Society Organisations, or CSOs. They take time to start up and develop and while the results can be remarkable, success is not guaranteed. Why these relationships anyway? Linking capacities of businesses and civil society organisations could enhance sustainable and fair development a reality for all world citizens.For CSOs and business organisations there is a huge question hovering over the slow growing crop of their partnerships: why? Why get involved with an organisation that could as well be from a different world? It is a question for both parties but the perspective we take in this publication is that of the CSO and the challenges it faces in such partnership. This publication suggests that there are answers to that big question.