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2019 Schusterman Fellowship and Senior Fellow Evaluation Report

August 1, 2019

Since 2016, the Schusterman Family Foundation has engaged Learning for Action (LFA) as the evaluation and learning partner for the Schusterman Fellowship. As part of that work, LFA designed a theory of change (see following slide) and conducted several standalone evaluations of the Fellowship program and the Senior Fellows program. 2019 marks the third year of data available on the Fellowship and the second year of data on the Senior Fellows program. For the first time, these data are reported together so the Schusterman Foundation can examine trends and begin to explore some early longitudinal results from the Fellowship programming. This report thus summarizes the findings of the impact of the first three years of the Fellowship on Fellows while also providing an exploration of the longer-term impacts of the Fellowship and Senior Fellows programming.

A Guide to Building a Successful Leadership Development Program

March 21, 2019

Leadership development programs are among the most powerful ways to invest in talented professionals capable of creating change in the world—when the initiatives are planned and executed well. While high-quality leadership development programs abound, surprisingly little evaluation data has been shared regarding the strategies, curricula and points of emphasis that define successful programs.The Schusterman Family Foundation and Rockwood Leadership Institute have teamed up to help fill this gap. Deeply informed by insights gleaned from our own program evaluations, this new Leadership Development Guide offers practical advice for organizations looking to strengthen their leadership initiatives.The Leadership Development Guide includes: Five guiding principles for planning leadership initiatives;Recommendations for effective programmatic elements and themes; andExercises and activities to help participants strengthen their skills. 

Alumni Playbook

August 24, 2016

The Alumni Playbook is a resource for professionals and community initiators looking to cultivate robust alumni networks and provide constituents with ongoing opportunities for meaningful engagement. It offers an online compendium of strategies, best practices and case studies designed to connect with and activate the hundreds of thousands of young Jews who have participated in Jewish experiences and programs. This is a practical, hands-on toolkit to foster discussion and action, whether you are just starting to think about your alumni or you are a veteran in the space looking to revitalize your alumni community.