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Climate Initiative Impact Report

August 1, 2022

Tackling climate change will require an unprecedented level of cooperation and commitment from every member of our community, from public and private agencies to philanthropic organizations to research institutions.We have made tremendous progress on regional climate action plan development. We are setting and meeting timelines, garnering widespread community support, and leading significant change as one of the earliest adopters of climate efforts. However, there is much more work ahead and decreasing pollution will be harder.Working hand-in-hand with all communities and leaders, San Diego Foundation will continue to ensure the San Diego region remains a leader in climate action. Together, we can grow a more equitable, prosperous and resilient region. 

The San Diego Foundation Annual Report 2021

November 17, 2021

San Diego needed more help this year than it ever has in The Foundation's history. With needs ranging from food insecurity to childcare, from accessing the outdoors to supporting trauma-informed counseling, our donors and local nonprofits heeded the call to service. A record $104.1M was distributed in 6,989 grants to 1,992 nonprofits, with most serving San Diegans in need. This is compared to 6,353 nonprofit grants totaling $77.8 million in 2020 and $52.5 million granted in 2019.

San Diego, 2050 Is Calling: How Will We Answer? (2016)

May 5, 2016

The San Diego Foundation, in partnership with Climate Education Partners, released new findings that identify and address the impacts of a changing climate on business and economic growth in the San Diego region.

The San Diego Foundation 2015 Annual Report

January 1, 2016

We encourage you to read through the annual report to learn more about our achievements and where philanthropy is making an impact in San Diego. Through the commitment of our Board of Governors and staff, as well as a multitude of community partners, we remain steadfast in our work toward a civil society through innovation and collaboration.

Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement Impact report 2015-2016

January 1, 2016

The purpose of the Malin Burnham Center for Civic Engagement at The San Diego Foundation is to bring community together to learn and discuss social challenges and opportunities by facilitating dialogue and collaborative action to create a vibrant San Diego region.The San Diego Foundation maximizes the impact of charitable giving to enact positive social change in the region. We champion civic engagement and embrace it as a core value of our organization.The Center was founded by Malin Burnham, a respected civic leader, admired philanthropist and visionary thought leader for San Diego.

Supporting and Enhancing the Lives of Our Aging Population: Evaluation of Our Aging Society Program 2011-2013

October 1, 2015

The San Diego Foundation contracted with Harder+Company in 2013 to perform an evaluation of the Our Aging Society program 2011 – 2013. This evaluation analyzes programmatic final reports from grantees (organizations) for the 2011 and 2012 program years, along with a survey conducted in 2013 by Harder+Company with program participants (seniors participating in these programs). The following themes emerged.Increased social connections. Many older adults have difficulty developing and maintaining connections due to lack of social opportunities and decreased mobility. Participants reported that this program helped them meet with more friends and family members, and that they more frequently participated in social activities during and after participating in the Our Aging Society program.Decreased isolation. Our Aging Society participants reported feeling less isolated, left out, or lacking companionship after they participated in the program.Improved physical and mental health. Retrospectively, participants generally self-reported improved physical health after Our Aging Society program participation. They also reported fewer incidents of negative mental health symptoms such as loss of appetite, restless sleep and the inability to get going.

San Diego, 2050 is Calling: How Will We Answer?

June 10, 2014

Recent public opinion surveys have found that an overwhelming majority -- 84% -- of San Diego County residents believe climate change is happening, and almost as many expect the impacts to affect them, their families and future generations. This report is meant to provide those who live, do business and govern in our region with up to date scientific understanding of how the impacts of climate change are likely to affect our region and how regional leaders are already responding to those impacts. Better understanding can help us, individually and collectively, decide which paths will define the kind of future we want to create. Information for this report was provided by a group of more than 40 multidisciplinary experts from local universities, governments, public sector agencies, nonprofits and private sector organizations throughout the San Diego region. Working together, these experts collected the most up to date science based on historical data and current trends, as well as complex models that project the various impacts of climate change expected in the region related to extreme weather events, water supply, wildfires, natural resources and public health.

San Diego Foundation - 2009 Annual Report

December 18, 2010

Contains board chair and CEO's letter; highlights from thirty-five years of giving; lists of funds and grants; profiles of programs, donors, and community foundations; financial summary; and lists of board and committee members, volunteers, and staff.

Green Access and Equity for the San Diego Region

October 1, 2010

Maps green space using geographic, demographic, economic, and historical data to examine green access, equity, and implications. Recommends prioritizing joint-use projects in income- and park-poor areas and addressing various health and cultural needs.

Our Region's Future Funding: The Transfer of Wealth in San Diego County Over the Next 25 Years

May 21, 2009

Estimates the growth in community endowments for each of the county's regions if 5 percent of the projected transfer of wealth could be captured in endowments, as well as the funds that would be available annually, assuming a 5 percent payout rate.

The San Diego Foundation Regional Focus 2050 Study: Climate Change Related Impacts in the San Diego Region by 2050

November 17, 2008

Projects the area's population growth and climate change scenarios through 2050 and provides working estimates of their effects on the ecosystem, including the danger of wildfires; public health; water and energy demand; and the economy.

The Appreciated Sector: Public Confidence in San Diego County Nonprofit Organizations

June 30, 2008

From November 2007 to January 2008, a total of 1,002 adult San Diego County residents responded to a survey designed to assess their confidence in the ability of local nonprofit organizations to provide quality services on the public's behalf and to spend money wisely. At the beginning of this survey, participants were given an identification test to determine their awareness of nonprofit organizations. Additionally, respondents were asked several questions related to their confidence in San Diego County nonprofit sub-sectors (i.e., arts, human services, environment, etc.), as well as their involvement in the local nonprofit sector through giving and volunteerism.When comparing the nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors, San Diegans had the most confidence in nonprofits to provide quality services, spend money wisely, and represent the public's interest. Other key findings in this report include the following:- Seventy-five percent of respondents expressed either a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in the ability of San Diego County nonprofits to spend money wisely- Seventy-five percent of respondents reported making a financial contribution to a nonprofit organization in 2007 Media coverage, opinions of friends and colleagues, and an organization's website were the leading sources of information consulted prior to making a financial donation- San Diegans expressed more confidence in the ability of local nonprofit organizations to spend money wisely than the American public has expressed in national surveys of public confidence- Persons demonstrating higher levels of nonprofit awareness were nearly three times as likely to express higher levels of confidence in the ability of nonprofit organizations to effectively provide quality services - Persons demonstrating higher levels of nonprofit awareness were nearly two times as likely to express higher levels of confidence in the ability of nonprofit organizations to spend money wisely- According to the survey results, more than a third of San Diegans (40 percent) indicated that they volunteered with a nonprofit organization in 2007- More than 86 percent of respondents had an overwhelmingly positive impression of the support provided by local nonprofits during the 2007 firestorm- Despite their generally positive view of the nonprofit sector, many San Diegans indicated that they were unlikely to choose a nonprofit service provider in the areas of education and healthcare.The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research which is housed in the Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research.