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A Smart Investment in Human Capital: How AchieveMission Helped the Corporation for Supportive Housing Increase Mission Impact

September 1, 2013

This report examines the work of AcheiveMission as it helped The Corporation for Supportive Housing to completely re-think how it attracts, places, supports and key staff and manages human capital to improve mission impact.

Improving Communication Between Foundation Staff and Grantees

August 13, 2010

Summarizes an analysis of CHCF's Grantee Perception Report; assessment, based on a literature review and best practices, of program staff's grantee communications practices; and suggestions, including consistency of messages and clear funding guidelines.

From Novelty to Expectation: Recommendations to Develop a System of Campus Support for Foster Youth

July 10, 2007

As longtime funders of efforts to promote educational opportunity for current and former foster youth, the Walter S. Johnson Foundation (WSJF) and Stuart Foundation have been in the forefront of efforts to replicate successful models of campus support programs for former foster youth at public institutions of higher education in the Bay Area and Northern California. This paper was commissioned to help the funders determine what additional investments could be made to help additional campuses implement support programs and to move the field toward a "tipping point" where temporary philanthropic support for a relatively small number of demonstration programs begins to be replaced by on-going public support for the widespread replication of CSPs throughout the state's public institutions of higher education. This paper examines the challenges and barriers faced by campuses that seek to replicate campus support programs for foster youth, determine what campuses need for effective replication, and the most useful ways in which support could be delivered. In also includes a potential design for a campus support program initiative and makes recommendations for the type of intermediary needed to manage the initiative.

Northern California Grantmakers Disaster Preparedness and Response Initiative: Needs Assessment Report

April 1, 2007

To assist with disaster management planning among philanthropic organizations, Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) launched the San Francisco Bay Area Disaster Preparedness and Response Initiative. As part of the Initaitive, Putnam Community Investment Consulting (now Putnam Consulting Group), conducted a needs assessment of NCG and Corporate Contributions Roundtable (CCR) members that identified their operational and grantmaking resoruces for disaster management planning and determined how NCG might most effectively support its members in meeting those needs.

Northern California Grantmakers Disaster Preparedness and Response Initiative: Strategic Plan

April 1, 2007

Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) launched the San Francisco Bay Area Disaster Preparedness and Response Initaitive in September 2006 to support and mobilize the Bay Area's philanthropic sector to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from a major, local, natural disaster. This strategic plan is builds upon a needs assessment and logic model, also available via the NNCG Knowledge Center.