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In Defense of the Movement: Policing, Criminalization, and Surveillance of Protesters of State Violence

January 25, 2023

The Communities Transforming Policing Fund, Center for Protest Law and Litigation, CS Fund, Piper Fund, and Funders for Justice are calling on our peer philanthropic organizations to partner with us in defense of the movement. The movement to end state violence is unique, but deeply connected to all movements for equality and justice. Every right fought for and won in the United States has come through mass protests and mobilization. Every right taken away and criminalized is enforced by police and often with the use of surveillance, legal targeting, and violence. To reinforce our Democracy and to be in alignment with movements for justice and equality, philanthropy must commit to the long-term legal, safety, and security support of protesters.

A New Way Forward: Bringing an Equity Lens to the Work of Reducing the Influence of Money in Our Democracy

November 1, 2015

The reality of the money in politics and fair courts field is that it has historically fallen short of adequately and meaningfully engaging the very communities most impacted by the issues we address: most notably, communities of color, women, and young people. We believe that if we grow the makeup of the field and its leadership, we have incredible potential to build a strong national movement, poised to demand real change. Based on candid interviews with funding partners and thought leaders, this report touches upon key issues to help us analyze our grantmaking strategies. How does our definition of "winning" fit in a broader democracy reform agenda? How do we authentically connect with communities of color to develop a new framework of equity, diversity, and inclusion? How do we build effective collaborative relationships towards victory, without losing sight of long-term capacity and infrastructure needs? The report also includes resources and links to readings to help funders think further on these issues.