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Leveraging Fiscal Sponsorship For Racial Equity

September 1, 2021

Leveraging Fiscal Sponsorship for Racial Equity complements previous research and provides recommendations for how fiscal sponsors, both as individual organizations and as a field, might address the needs of grassroots groups by leveraging their assets, skills, resources, expertise and networks. As such, we hope the recommendations in this report are useful to fiscal sponsors — especially those for whom fiscal sponsorship is their primary purpose, with resources and relationships that can be leveraged to implement and sustain the recommendations within.We hope these recommendations also resonate with the staff and leaders of grassroots racial equity groups, whose perspectives and needs were prioritized in this research; and with fiscal sponsors who are rooted in equity and have the practices and community relationships to best meet the needs of grassroots groups. The people and communities most impacted by racial inequity have long led work toward equity and justice, and it is the position of our organizations and of this report that supporting racial equity requires centering and amplifying their leadership, experience, and expertise.