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Latino Outreach Guide

September 17, 2009

As the number of Latinos living in the United States continues to increase, it is vitally important forhospices and end-of-life coalitions to expand outreach and programmatic efforts to ensure Latinos receive quality end-of-life care. NHPCO's Caring Connections has created a Latino Outreach Guide to provide you with ideas and resources to guide your outreach efforts. We have included resources that are in English and Spanish to help you reach out to Spanish-speaking individuals and communities.

Disabilities Outreach Guide

September 17, 2009

Many people with disabilities are living longer now with more modern and technological advances in health care, and need different kinds of care and support, particularly at the end of life. In addition, trends show that parents and caregivers of those with disabilities are not outliving their children as they historically did in most cases. With the changing trends, hospice providers need to be ready for to care for people with disabilities and their families as well as a child or adult with a disability whose parent is under their care.

Chinese-American Outreach Guide

July 9, 2009

This guide explains how to perform outreach surrounding palliative care issues to members of the Chinese-American community.

African-Americans Outreach Guide

October 8, 2008

The Guide specifically provides readers with a review of significant end-of-life issues relevant to African American communities, and detailed strategies and tools gathered from hospice programs and experts.

Inclusion and Access Toolbox

September 20, 2007

This publication is a collection of suggestions and successes based on the thoughts and experiences of hospice providers in many settings throughout the United States.

Providing Hospice and Palliative Care in Rural and Frontier Areas

January 1, 2005

This is a technical assistance toolkit designed to support providers seeking to enhance access to such services. This document also celebrates the wonderful work already in progress in rural and frontier communities from coast to coast and portrays examples of innovative practice and high-quality hospice and palliative care.