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Model Laws for a Safer America: Seven Regulations to Promote Responsible Gun Ownership and Sales

September 1, 2011

Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) has published this report to assist elected officials and activists seeking to address our nation's deadly epidemic of gun violence. As discussed in the paper, although guns kill or injure more than 100,000 Americans every year, our federal gun laws are incredibly weak -- weaker than those of any other industrialized nation. This publication provides model laws for state or local governments seeking to fill these deadly gaps in our federal regulatory system.

2007 Voter Survey on Gun Regulations Fact Sheet

March 1, 2007

Summary of an unprecedented bipartisan poll of Illinois voters with results showing overwhelming support for new measures to stem gun violence and crime. This poll is part of a public education campaign by the Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a project of Legal Community Against Violence, created to promote meaningful gun policy reform in Illinois.

2006 California Report: Recent Developments in Federal, State and Local Gun Laws

February 1, 2007

Information about the epidemic of gun violence in California and nationwide, with an update on firearm-related legal developments at the federal, state and local levels.

Regulating Guns in America -- An Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of Federal, State and Selected Local Gun Laws

August 1, 2006

Regulating Guns in America is designed for use by state and local officials, law enforcement, and gun violence prevention advocates. It provides a comprehensive, national review of existing federal and state laws on more than twenty topics covering all major areas of gun policy. It also includes a discussion of local laws in ten major U.S. cities. In addition to identifying existing laws in each jurisdiction, the report compares and contrasts different policy approaches used to address each topic, and offers a list of features that characterize the most comprehensive legislative solution in each area.

Banning Assault Weapons -- A Legal Primer for State and Local Action

April 1, 2004

This report provides public officials, government attorneys, gun violence prevention activists and the general public with a practical guide to the legal and policy issues surrounding the adoption and strengthening of assault weapon bans -- particularly those at the state and local level.