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Athletic & Academic Spending Database for NCAA Division I

January 1, 2013

This interactive database is meant to improve the accountability for spending in college athletics. More effective disclosure of finance -- and of financial priorities -- enhances the ability of colleges and universities to ensure athletics programs are advancing the mission of higher education.

Restoring the Balance: Dollars, Values, and the Future of College Sports

June 17, 2010

Recommends strengthening accountability for intercollegiate athletics by requiring more transparency and better comparisons of athletics and academic spending, rewarding practices that prioritize academic values, and treating college athletes as students.

College Sports 101: A Primer on Money, Athletics, and Higher Education in the 21st Century

October 26, 2009

Provides an overview of trends in college sports in terms of expenses, revenues, construction, cost containment, Title IX and Olympic sports, commercialism, and links between donations and prospective students and between athletics success and revenue.

Public Opinion Poll: Executive Summary

January 31, 2006

Outlines survey findings on Americans' views on college sports, including commercialization, professionalization, coaches' salaries, athletes' welfare, effects on other departments, and links between athletics success, expenses, and alumni donations.

1991-1993 Reports of Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

August 1, 1999

Compiles the commission's 1991-93 reports and recommendations for reforms in the governance of intercollegiate athletics. Includes "Keeping Faith With the Student Athlete," "A Solid Start," and "A New Beginning for a New Century."