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Creative Destruction: An Exploratory Look at News on the Internet

August 1, 2007

Examines trends in Internet traffic to 160 news-based Web sites, with a focus on the rapidly expanding sites of national "brand-name" newspapers and television networks, and their effect on local and traditional news organizations.

Young People and News

July 12, 2007

Presents survey findings on the daily news consumption of young Americans compared with that of older adults -- the sources, medium, frequency, depth, and selectivity of news exposure. Discusses issues of defining news consumption and implications.

Dialectical Spaces in the Global Public Sphere: Media Memories across Generations

January 1, 2003

A decade ago, CNN and MTV emerged as new types of 'global' players, initiating and supporting a new global transnational community of 'news junkies' and music cultures from New York, to Tokyo, to Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. Today, access to international news is not only available in many countries around the world, but international channels have multiplied and created 'imagined communities' (Anderson, 1983), affecting new political alliances, conventional journalism and - increasingly - national public spheres. The following research report will discuss new issues of globalization and focus on the impact of media-related globalization processes on 'life-worlds' in various countries.