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Fiscal Risks From Differences in BHP vs. Federal Tax Credit Income-Test Timing

September 2, 2011

Outlines implications for states of the gap between Basic Health Plan subsidy levels, which would be based on incomes at the time of application, and federal funding, which would be based on annual incomes.

Income Volatility Creates Uncertainty About the State Fiscal Impact of a Basic Health Program (BHP) in California

September 2, 2011

Based on an analysis of Survey of Income and Program Participation data, explores issues for projecting income to determine eligibility for the Basic Health Plan and fluctuations in eligibility and enrollment due to changes in employment and income.

Continuity for (Former) Medi-Cal Enrollees and Affordability for the Low-Income Exchange Population: Background and an Alternative Approach

July 5, 2011

Examines risks to continuity of care for Medi-Cal enrollees who will be unable to afford insurance exchange coverage even with tax credits, the downsides of the basic health program option, and the benefits of offering Medi-Cal plans through the exchange.