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Lives at Risk: Barriers and Harms As Biden Asylum Ban Takes Effect

May 19, 2023

This joint report presents findings and recommendations regarding the end of the Title 42 policy and the implementation of punitive policies along the border, including the Biden administration's new asylum ban. From May 10 to 12, adelegation of human, civil, and immigrants' rights leaders saw firsthand the difficulties that people seeking asylum face when attempting to secure appointments at U.S. ports of entry via the CBP One app; the barriers some face waiting and trying to seek asylum at ports of entry without a CBP One appointment; the squalid and inhumane living conditions of migrants at the border; and the violence and anti-Black racism that people seeking asylum endure while waiting in Mexico.

Biden Administration’s Dangerous Haitian Expulsion Strategy Escalates the U.S. History of Illegal and Discriminatory Mistreatment of Haitians Seeking Safety in the United States

September 21, 2021

This fact sheet from Human Rights First and Haitian Bridge Alliance (the Bridge) examines the response of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Biden Administration toward the predominantly Haitian migrants and asylum-seekers who crossed into the United States near Del Rio, Texas in August/September 2021. It also compares the current situation to the approach the United States has historically adopted toward Haitian immigrants and asylum seekers.

The Invisible Wall: Title 42 and its Impact on Haitian Migrants

March 25, 2021

The Haitian Bridge Alliance, the Quixote Center and UndocuBlack have written this Report to offer the voices and hardships of Haitian migrants, mostly families, who have been expelled under the Title 42 policy. The Report provides the narratives of seven Haitian families who were apprehended at the U.S. Mexico border within the last year and were subject to expulsion to Haiti or Mexico under the Title 42 policy. Two additional narratives are included of Haitians who entered the United States before March 2020, but who were recently removed. This Report shows how Haitian migrants flee violence, instability and persecution in Haiti, travel a long and treacherous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border seeking safety and security in the United States, only to be abused by ICE and CBP officers and - under the Title 42 policy - summarily expelled back to the country they fled without even access to a lawyer or the opportunity to seek asylum or other protection.The authors offer nine recommendations, first and foremost, that the Title 42 policy be revoked immediately. Other recommendations include that ICE and CBP follow public health experts' advice by adopting a wide range of safety measures to mitigate public health risks to border agents. Lastly, the authors recommend that asylum processing be resumed while releasing migrants to shelter in place with their loved ones in the United States rather than detaining them.