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What We Have Learned From Community Health Workers Throughout the Pandemic: Recommendations for Policymakers

July 13, 2022

Deployment of community health workers (CHWs) has been limited in the United States for many years despite substantial evidence that shows the model's effectiveness in many health care settings. During the coronavirus pandemic, the federal response in funding allowed for significant expansion. This paper draws on listening sessions Families USA conducted with CHWs to develop recommendations for maintaining and building on the CHW deployment gains of the last two years.

Medicaid Eligibility for People Leaving Incarceration Is Smart Policy

July 12, 2016

People who are incarcerated are generally are not eligible for Medicaid. But making sure they can get health care when they are released makes good sense. It helps the economy, improves the health of local communities, and reduces the chance of people returning to prison.One policy change can make a big difference: suspending (or pausing) rather than terminating Medicaid when someone enters the justice system.

Federal Standardized Health Insurance Plans Could Improve Access to Care without Raising Premiums

May 1, 2016

Health insurance companies should offer plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces that cover the cost of basic outpatient care—like primary care, specialty care, and prescription drugs—before people pay off their deductible. The new federal standardized silver plans, released by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) earlier this year, will do just that. New, original research shows that federal standardized plans are a good deal for consumers who need a plan that covers basic health care services before they meet their deductible. Our report found that:The federal standardized silver plans would have premiums that are comparable to current silver marketplace plans that cover little to no services before the deductible.Offering these standardized plans could improve access to outpatient care without driving up premiums.Families USA produced the report with Milliman, an independent actuarial firm. Families USA believes that insurers in all 34 states with federally facilitated marketplaces should offer these plans in 2017 so that consumers in these states have access to these plan options. In 2018 and future years, we urge the federal government to require insurers in these states to offer the federal standardized plans.