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Police Chiefs Guide to Immigration

July 1, 2007

Project Response is a periodic initiative of the IACP to supply salient information and discussion points on critical issues of current and emerging significance to law enforcement professionals. The urgency of an issue and field need for the most contemporary policy information initiate and govern selection of Project Response topics. Project Response reports are designed for police leaders. They focus on the core dimensions of a critical issue, summarize the contemporary response to the issue, and provide guidance concerning best policy and practice in the issue area. Reports are disseminated to local, county, state, tribal and federal police agencies nationwide. This Project Response report focuses on the issue of immigration and the current issues confronting federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement agencies within the United States of America. However, the IACP is aware that immigration, illegal and otherwise, poses challenges for law enforcement agencies in many nations throughout the world. It is our hope that the issues and guidance presented in this document will prove to be a useful tool for all readers.

Comparing Solutions: An Overview of Day Labor Programs

December 1, 2004

Overview of day labor program models, philosophies behind each model, pros and cons, costs, results, and the impact on day laborers and community of each type of program.

Top 10 Immigration Myths and Facts

June 1, 2003

Myths and facts about immigrants in the U.S.

Day Labor in San Rafael, California: The Feasibility of Uniting Contradictory Positions

August 1, 2001

Feasibility Study done in 2001 for the City of San Rafael, CA, on organizing San Rafael's day laborers into a hiring hall.