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Y is for Young: Infants and Toddlers Edition

June 30, 2021

Naturally, our little ones' accomplishments delight us! We look forward to and take pride in their first smile, the first time they roll over on their own, their first steps and first words, and their first signs of independence and understanding of our big world. Their increasing capacities often become our reassurance that we are doing well at the job of raising them. Yet one of the paradoxes of caring for infants and toddlers is that our joy over their growth and our attention to the ways they are changing can keep us from recognizing and appreciating where they are right now, in this moment, exactly as they are. Being present, paying attention, showing our joy in simply being with them in the here and now, sends a message to our children that they are more than their accomplishments, that their value to us is not just in what they can do, but is simply because they are who they are.

X is for Xenial: Infants and Toddlers Edition

June 28, 2021

Little ones are innately interested in other people. Oftentimes, one of their first words is "hi" and a wave is their earliest expression of social skills. Though they are naturally xenial (zee-nee-uhl) and eager to connect, babies and toddlers often look to their trusted adults for cues regarding how safe the new person is for them. They read our facial expressions and body language to see if we are saying uh oh, not sure or friend! And all too often, we convey the message that people who are different from ourselves are to be treated with caution, if not with outright fear. Though our intent is to keep them safe, it's also important that we model how to be xenial to new and different people as well. We can support our children to find a safe balance and connect with other humans.

Z is for Zany: Infants and Toddlers Edition

June 28, 2021

Oh the magic of babies' first bursts of laughter and the wriggling exuberance of toddler delight! Given the hard work of caring for little ones, it's a good thing that they share their pleasure so outwardly and freely. It is one of the gifts of being in the presence of these very young human beings. Witnessing your little one's glee goes deeper than the enjoyment of the moment. One of the side effects of shared laughter is a deep sense of fellowship and safety with those who laugh with you.

Y is for Young: Early Learners Edition

June 28, 2021

Even though you are young, your thoughts and experiences are valuable. You have walked the steps you have walked. You already have dreams to dream and goals to accomplish.

Z is for Zany: Early Learners Edition

June 28, 2021

You move to the beat of your own drum. You are a one-person parade going through life and demonstrating ALL the AMAZING things you are!

U is for Unique: Infants and Toddlers Edition

June 25, 2021

Every child is born unique and brings their own style, temperament and pace of living into the world. Yet, too often we compare our children to others, focusing on differences, striving for sameness, and worrying about how quickly they do or don't reach milestones. This focus on who they should be, or will be one day, distracts us from the wonderful, fully human, version of themselves right now. Rather than thinking about who is the fastest or the best, or how they compare to siblings or other children, focus on the unique way your infant or toddler interacts with the world at this moment and the special fact that they are the only one who will ever get to be them.

X is for Xenial: Early Learners Edition

June 25, 2021

It's simple to be xenial. Welcome others, especially strangers or guests, and make them feel at home. That is an important way to act every day!

W is for Worthy: Infants and Toddlers Edition

June 24, 2021

It can be so exciting to think about who our babies will become and all of the amazing things they will learn and do. And, as caregivers of young children, it's a part of our job to help little ones grow. But babies come to us worthy of being loved and valued as they are right now. When our attention is focused solely on a child's future or on their next accomplishment, unintentionally, we're telling our little ones that who they are right now isn't enough. As their loving caregivers, we can let our little ones know that they are worthy of love, respect, and joy just as they are, without having to earn or prove it.

T is for Talented: Early Learners Edition

May 26, 2021

Can you balance on one foot? Can you make people laugh? There are so many ways to show that you are talented.

S is for Strong: Early Learners Edition

May 26, 2021

You have a strong heart, strong mind, and a strong body. When you're able to stay calm in a difficult situation, or stay positive even when something seems impossible, that shows strength.

V is for Vocal: Infants and Toddlers Edition

May 26, 2021

From the beginning of their lives, babies give us clear, vocal messages that their bodies and minds need us. And we, loving adults, respond. We feed them, keep them clean and warm, rock them and gaze into their eyes with love. Soon, they develop differentiated cries that we begin to interpret: one cry for hunger, and another for fatigue, a different cry for pain or boredom, and another for feeling too hot or cold. Our response teaches them to trust us, and that their voice matters and sparks change. From this, words and phrases come, and eventually full sentences, conversations and powerful toddler demands that tell us: I want! I need! I love! I feel! Notice me!

U is for Unique: Early Learners Edition

May 26, 2021

While all humans have certain similarities, we are each unique and special. There is only one you.