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L'argent de la Diaspora et Financement des Infrastructures Sociales Urbaines et Périurbaines de Base en Afrique

November 24, 2010

The author analyses how diaspora money help to finance urban and peri urban basic social infrastructures, such as water pumps, school materials, health care centres, and housing, in Cameroon.

State Failure, Crisis of Governance and Disengagement from the State in Africa

January 1, 2009

This paper examines the phenomenon of citizen's disengagement from the state in Africa in the post-colonial era. The paper observes that the declining capacity of the state for social provisioning provides the context for citizens' withdrawal from the public space occupied by the state.

Poverty Eradication Dilemma: Understanding Poverty Dynamics in Nebbi District, Uganda

January 1, 2008

This paper addresses a current methodological gap in poverty measurement, which stems from acknowledging the multi-dimensionality of poverty, on the one hand, and using an income/consumption measurement of poverty as thenorm, on the other.

Civil Society West Africa; Cameroon, Chad

February 1, 2006

This is a bibliography comprising of two main parts. In the first part are listed general documents on the theme of civil society. The second part is divided into sections by countries. For each country there is a bibliographic list.

Alternative Modes of Financing Higher Education in Nigeria and the Implications for University Governance

January 1, 2002

Under-funding has been identified as one of the major problems presently facing the university system in most of the African nations, Nigeria inclusive. The study documented both financing and expenditure patterns in the Nigerian universities, and found that most monies, which go on direct teaching, are in fact used for the payment of salaries and entitlements of staff.