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The Report on the Status of Chicago's Women and Girls

September 1, 2017

Achieving gender equity is not just a moral imperative. It would be an economic boon for every community in our region. While we are rapidly approaching parity in some areas—labor force participation, professional/technical jobs-and have achieved it in another—higher education—we cannot become complacent. There is still work to be done. This report highlights where our community can focus our efforts: increasing the number of women in corporate and political leadership, valuing and equitably dividing unpaid care work, supporting the economic security of women and their families, reducing unplanned pregnancies, and ending violence against women. The 100% Project at CFW gives us the tools and strategies to move the needle. We can build partnerships across sectors and industries to change culture, push policies that even the playing field and support economic security, invest in women's leadership, and give women the tools and resources to chart their own lives. And, we can all be champions for women and girls.

Chicago Foundation for Women 2015 Annual Report

January 1, 2016

Since inception, Chicago Foundation for Women has been committed to finding power in adversity and strength in diversity. Through the years our grant making, partnerships, and programs have made us a champion for women and girls. Simply put, our reach spans across cultures and communities. We are here for every woman and every girl, in every circumstance and at every stage of her life.

2014 Annual Report

January 1, 2015

In FY 2014 Chicago Foundation for Women granted out $2,113,731 to 99 organisations for 150 grants to support 3 issue areas: 24% Health; 26% Violence; 51% economic development. Our grantmaking in 2014 has dierctly impacted an estimated 28,819 women and girls. Since 1985 we have given more than $24 million in grants.

2013 Annual Report

January 1, 2014

We seek to expand economic security for all women and girls so that they can care for themselves and build a better future for their families. From STEM after school programs for girls, to grassroots advocacy campaigns with grandmothers, we believe in expanding economic security across the life span of a woman.

Chicago Foundation for Women 2012 Annual Report

January 1, 2013

Chicago women and girls face difficult and inter-related issues of ecnomic security, access to education, domestic violence, immigration and access to healthcare. Every day the grantees tackle these complicated, controversial, sometimes life threatening problems with shoestring budgets so women and girls can meet their full potential. Given the escalating needs of the community. Chicago Foundation for Women takes a comprehensive, systematoc approach in the support we provide, looking at multiple issues affecting Chicago area women and gilrs throughout their whole lives.

Women's Economic Security Campaign: Connecting Women to Careers

September 1, 2012

The Women's Economic Security Campaign (WESC) through the Women's Funding Network "taps the power and resources of women's funds across the U.S. to boost opportunity for low-income women and their families." As a national network, WESC elevates the work of individual women's funds and amplifies the voices of women striving to achieve economic security. In partnership with WESC, Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) selected JARC from its array of economic security grantees as an example of a program moving women into financial self-sufficiency. While the Foundation privileges a variety of strategies for ensuring economic security, workforce development programs during the economic recession have been an essential way of responding to skill gaps in dynamic regional economies. The direct services of JARC -- and the organization's growing work in the advocacy arena -- reflect the experiences of a single program, but the challenges and the opportunities for women in manufacturing resonate across the country. Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) provides an array of training options to help low-income men and women learn or enhance manufacturing skills. The following analysis will highlight the success of the Women in Manufacturing Program (WMP), providing a direct service model for increasing the number of women workers in non-traditional occupations. The innovative combination of two programmatic frameworks and the strength of wide-ranging partnerships ensure a holistic lens is applied to the development of careers for working women. Women's funds in Chicago and the intentional investment in programs designed to benefit women prove to be catalysts for change.

2011 Annual Report

January 1, 2012

This fiscal year, we awarded more than $850,000 through 106 grants and other support, bringing our historical total to more than 2,900 grants totaling nearly $19 million. Chicago Foundation for Women supports emerging and established nonprofit organizations throughout metropolitan Chicago and, through our donor advised funds, nationwide. Our funding focuses on three strategies to improve women's and girls' lives: expanding economic security, ensuring freedom from violence, and enhancing access to health services and information.