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Creating a Women's Fund: A Philanthropic Strategy for Women and Girls 2nd Edition

September 3, 2017

The process of creating a new women's fund requires thoughtful planning and strong commitment. In this edition of Creating a Women's Fund, we expanded the guide to incorporate the creation of stand-alone women's foundations. It is designed to share the experiences and perspectives of nine women's funds – small and large, new and established – from across the country.In this guide, we provide two distinct courses of action – to set up a women's fund within a community foundation or to set up a stand-alone women's foundation. The guide takes the reader through the succession of phases for each: PLANNING, ESTABLISHING and BUILDING. However, since the decision to create a women's fund within a community foundation or a stand-alone women's foundation must be thorougly researched in the PLANNING phase, we recommend all readers begin with PLANNING.At the end of the PLANNING section, readers may choose to either read the ESTABLISHING and BUILDING sections for funds within a community foundation (designated in blue for easy reference) OR for stand-alone foundations (designated in magenta). We have done this for brevity and ease; however, we strongly encourage readers to read through the entire guide to fully determine the advantages and challenges of both formats. Since there are many common steps involved in building a fund within a community foundation and a stand-alone foundation, those who read both sections may encounter some repetition.

Creating a Women's Fund Within a Community Foundation: A Philanthropic Strategy for Women and Girls

January 1, 2006

The publication is based on Chambers Family Fund's experience championing women's funds in Wyoming, Montana and Oklahoma. This publication is designed to share what we have learned, to provide successful strategies to make such partnerships work and to offer recommendations based on our experience. It emphasizes the importance of building an endowment to provide a permanent source of grantmaking revenue for responding to the needs of women and girls.

Then And Now: How Engaged Philanthropy Helped Revitalize an Advocacy Organization for Children

September 1, 2004

In 2004, Chambers Family Fund and Rose Community Foundation published Then and Now (*PDF), a report describing a four year effort undertaken by a consortium of Colorado funders to stabilize a children's advocacy organization that fulfills a unique role in the state. The report chronicles the experience in two parts: that of the funders' collaborative and that of the advocacy organization, Colorado Children's Campaign. Together, the two accounts illustrate how this collaborative process resulted in an open exchange of ideas that allowed an advocacy organization to transform itself, while also allowing the funders hands-on experience in funding advocacy.