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COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Funding: Report to the Community

October 20, 2021

Caring for Colorado is honored to be a part of the web of support, working to help Colorado emerge from the pandemic and advance equity in health, well-being and opportunity for Colorado's children and families. We are resolute in our commitment to support communities through the long-term effects of this crisis. This new Report to the Community: COVID-19 Relief and Recovery shares some of what we learned during this tumultuous time and spotlights the incredible people and community-based organizations and leaders who have taken on the challenges of reimagining and strengthening health, mental health, social services, basic needs, and economic supports to care for and support the well-being of Coloradans.

Together We Protect: Vaccine Equity Fund Report 2021

October 20, 2021

In early 2021, the hope of ending the pandemic became a reality with new vaccines available to protect people from COVID-19. The challenge then became how to vaccinate the entire world knowing that many barriers existed in achieving this goal. In response, thirteen funding partners, Immunize Colorado and the Colorado Vaccine Equity Task Force formed a unique partnership to provide rapid funding into communities highly impacted by COVID-19 to ensure communities of color and those who face systemic barriers have the best possible information about the COVID-19 vaccine and can access the vaccine through low-barrier opportunities. Together We Protect – Colorado's COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Fund (TWP) was launched in March 2021, with Caring for Colorado Foundation serving as the coordinating entity. This report examines the impact of the program so far.