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Leading with Intent: BoardSource Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

June 1, 2021

Leading with Intent is the only survey to gather information from both chief executives and board chairs on their experiences in nonprofit boardrooms. Who serves on nonprofit boards? How are boards structured? What are their policies and practices? What challenges them? Are they providing the leadership needed? The answers to these and many more questions can be found in the most recent Leading with Intent report.

Leading With Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

November 1, 2017

Who serves on today's nonprofit boards? How are they composed and organized? How do they conduct their work? How well are they fulfilling their many important roles and responsibilities? What impact are they having on organizational performance?Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices answers these questions and is the latest in BoardSource's series of studies tracking and analyzing trends in nonprofit board leadership since 1994. We encourage you to read the 2017 study; to reflect on the trends and insights about today's nonprofit boards; and to act on the many opportunities we have to lead our missions to further success through exceptional board leadership.

Leading With Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

January 1, 2015

A comprehensive scan of nonprofit board practices, policies, and performance. Building on data that BoardSource has collected and analyzed dating back to 1994, this report is a powerful window into current board leadership and trends.

Beyond Cash: A Guide on How Nonprofit Boards Can Tap Pro Bono and In Kind Resources

March 2, 2012

This report features "How-to" sections specifically targeted towards chief executives of nonprofit organizations, board members, and those interested in serving on a board. These sections include learnings from the organization's research as well as tips to fully tap into the potential of pro bono and in-kind resource generation for nonprofit organizations. In addition, there is also a case study and notes from other nonprofit organizations on how they are using this information to enhance their work.

BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index 2010

December 22, 2010

Based on surveys of nonprofit chief executives and board members, updates data on board practices and performance, including financial oversight, fundraising, and strategic planning. Considers effects of the recession and new Form 990 requirements.

The Hand Book of Nonprofit Governance

January 1, 2010

The Handbook of Nonprofi t Governance is a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of nonprofi t boards. To compile this handbook, BoardSource drew on its extensive selection of books, articles, and topic papers by leading experts on nonprofit governance. The book is organized in two parts. Part One (Chapters One through Five ) addresses basic governance history, roles, and structures. Part Two (Chapters Six through Sixteen ) examines nonprofi t governance practices, drawing on the experience and wisdom of BoardSource experts to review basic approaches to board responsibilities and board self - management.Reflecting on board dynamics is a fitting way to conclude this handbook. While many principles and practices of nonprofit governance are well established, the essence of board interactions is often more difficult to express. When all is said and done, the board is a group of individuals with a collective commitment. How they engage with one another can make the difference between governance that is simply good and governance that is truly exceptional. The stakes are high, but the dynamic role of nonprofit organizations in our society attests to the fact that the women and men who serve on nonprofit boards fulfill their responsibilities with seriousness of purpose, dedication to service, and passion for their organizations ' missions.

Next Generation and Governance: Report on Findings

August 27, 2008

This report on engaging Generation X and Y in board service is based on 50 interviews of nonprofit chief executives and senior staff.

A History of Nonprofit Boards in the United States

January 1, 2003

Describes the history of nonprofit boards in the United States from the first board to nonprofit boards today. Explores the advantages of incorporation, the role of the board of directors, and how to set up a non-profit board. appendices contain a bibliography and a list of resources.