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An Updated Brief from the Field (a companion to the published White Paper – Dec. 2013) Engaging Residents in Low-Income Housing Communities in Volunteering Through Earning an Economic Opportunity

July 1, 2016

This brief is a companion report to the white paper originally published in December 2013 at the end of the pilot period. The white paper can be found at Issue Lab, a service of the Foundation Center. The present report is intended to update information about the ReV-UP program with the results from the fieldwork undertaken between 2012 and June 30, 2016, the pilot period through the bridge phase.This brief contains three parts:1. Program metrics,2. Case studies showing program outcomes, and3. Participant survey results.

Engaging Residents in Low-Income Housing Communities to Volunteer and Earn an Economic Opportunity:

December 1, 2013

Low-income housing families have an acute need to gain an economic opportunity to build financial stability. Bella Communities' innovative resident volunteer engagement program, coupling the opportunity to earn rent credits through volunteering and promoting civic engagement, is rooted in the idea that the opportunity to earn an economic incentive through volunteering can fundamentally impact people's financial stability in two ways: first, by providing residents a solution to stitch a financial backstop to withstand emergencies and shortfalls, and, second, by fostering a sense of financial relief so that residents can pursue other endeavors to improve personal wellbeing and the community through volunteering. The architecture framework of our approach ensures optimal quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in our services. We believe the ReV-UP program adds value by being a "strong link within the chain" of asset-based community development.