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Case Studies: Considering Starting a 501C4?

February 1, 2017

Deciding whether—or when—to establish a 501(c)(4) organization is never an easy decision. Questions about purpose, scope, funding, perception, timing, and legal compliance all come into play. There are few definitive "right" and "wrong" answers. Each group needs to determine what is right for it. These case studies describe how three different groups, with different structures, needs, and pressures, answered the questions for themselves.

501C4 Strategy and Discussion Guide

December 1, 2016

This Strategy and Discussion Guide has been developed for individuals, organizations, and funders interested in starting 501(c)(4) organizations. It discusses the strategic questions that must be considered in determining whether, when, and for what purpose(s) to create a (c)(4). 

Primer on Social Welfare Organizations: Using 501C4 Organizations for Good

September 1, 2016

501c4 organizations remain a vital tool for nonprofits and foundations seeking to shape policy outcomes that benefit constituencies and communities that too often go unheard. This publication explores the special role 501c4 groups can play within the nonprofit and philanthropic communities, and within our political system, and has been written to dispel myths and encourage their thoughtful use within the democratic process.