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Sector Infrastructure Funding Analysis

March 8, 2023

Voluntary sector infrastructure bodies perform vital roles supporting and enabling voluntary and community organisations, both locally and at a national level. This report explores how the voluntary sector infrastructure has changed over the last 12 years, particularly by looking at its finances and funding. It highlights a number of challenges around funding of these organisations.It is our intention that this research provides context to grantmakers to inform strategy development and encourage funder collaboration. Infrastructure organisations are sometimes an invisible part of the sector, but we all feel the impact when organisations close, either directly or indirectly. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has commissioned 360Giving to support this analysis as a starting point to facilitate discussions and support more active decision-making in what is likely to be a very challenging period for the sector.The data used in this report is available to explore. As noted in the report methodology in the appendix, identifying the full extent of organisations and detailed information about them, particularly those that had closed, was challenging. We've used data from the Charity Commission, regulators in Scotland and Northern Ireland and 360Giving publishers to identify and analyse these organisations. There are some gaps in the data, but we believe it gives an overview of voluntary sector infrastructure and how it has changed.