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The Raising of America: Action Toolkit

January 1, 2015

The Raising of America seeks to encourage a national conversation that links early child relationships and environments to their impact on the biology of young children, and how these in turn influence adult outcomes as well as the future of the nation.The series was created in the context of a national public engagement campaign, with partners across the nation at the national, state and local level committed to using the series to generate dialogue about what we can—and should—do to make a strong start the birthright of every infant in the United States.Ultimately, the success of The Raising of America will be measured by how effectively educators, providers, organizers, parents, public officials, advocates, and people like you use the series to educate, organize and advocate for change.

The Health and Health Care of People with Intellectual Disabilities

February 9, 2005

New research studies conducted by Special Olympics found disturbing evidence that individuals with intellectual disabilities face widespread health problems, while physicians, dentists and other health professionals are not receiving adequate training in order to treat them. The research reinforces previous studies that found that despite the widespread belief that individuals with intellectual disabilities receive better health care than the rest of the population, people with intellectual disabilities actually have poorer health, more specialized ealth care needs and greater difficulty accessing health care services and doctors compared to the general public.Research Methodology: Special Olympics recently commissioned two research studies related to the health and health care of individuals with intellectual disabilities.