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The 2010 Nuclear Security Summit: A Status Update

April 11, 2011

Highlights progress made in improving nuclear material security since the April 2010 summit, including in implementation of national commitments to secure or end production of highly enriched uranium and plutonium and to convert or shut down reactors.

Evaluating the Energy Security Implications of a Carbon-Constrained U.S. Economy

February 3, 2009

Examines how factors linked to U.S. energy security would be affected in eight scenarios in which carbon emissions are limited to a certain level. Assesses the feasibility of and need for low-carbon technology.

A Roadmap for a Secure, Low-Carbon Energy Economy

February 3, 2009

Proposes a set of policies to address both energy security and climate change, including investing in better infrastructure, energy efficiency, and clean-energy jobs; reforming incentives to promote green technology; and forming a natural gas strategy.

Aiding Oil, Harming the Climate: A Database of Public Funds for Fossil Fuels

December 1, 2007

Examines the role of governments in subsidizing the oil industry, and makes recommendations for how countries can decrease their involvement in oil aid projects and increase efforts against climate change.