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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Gender Equality: Problems and Solutions : Meeting Final Report

June 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the current social problems and intensified inequalities, having destructive effects in terms of women's rights and gender equality. This meeting report reflects exchanges between 29 organizations working in the field of gender equality, in order to share the concerns about women  and girls.In the first part of the meeting which started with the opening speech of the Chair of Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees Güler Sabancı, field observations and foresights about the pandemic's effects in  terms of gender equality in the world and Turkey were shared. In the second part of the meeting, solution and suggestions for collaborations were discussed in three break-out sessions: "Violence", "Economy,  Employment, Entrepreneurship" and "Gender Equality, Education, Participation". 

Mainstreaming Disability : A Practical Tool for Foundations to Mainstream Disability into their Work.

October 28, 2013

This publication, focused on what foundations should be doing in order to implement affirmative policies that actively foster the rights of persons with disabilities, underlines the level of EFC (European Foundation Centre) commitment to the necessary, even overdue, efforts towards the mainstreaming of disabilities within foundations' work. There is a spectrum of responses that foundations can take, from being more aware and sensitive to the needs of persons with disabilities and how these might be factored into work supported by a foundation, to having an explicit focus on disability. By highlighting examples and best practice from different foundations in Europe, this book also aims to make the point that partnering and peer learning are excellent ways to spark new ideas.

Civil Society in Turkey: At a Turning Point

April 1, 2011

Civil society in Turkey is going through a rapid transformation. Civil society's building blocks, civil society organisations, are emerging as important actors in Turkey's development and democratisation agendas, while increasing in their numbers and impact. In this context, generating a useful and comprehensive knowledge base has a crucial role to play in promoting the health of the third sector in Turkey. TUSEV has strengthened the sector through its Publications and Research Programme, which has produced over 50 valuable publications on the third sector in Turkey. The CIVICUS Civil Society Index (CSI) project holds a special place among these initiatives. Not only did the first CSI implementation result in the first comprehensive and internationally comparative study on civil society in Turkey, but now the second implementation expands its scope even further and offers readers an opportunity to make comparisons over a five year period.