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Opportunity Reimagined: An Inclusive Vision for Healthy Communities

December 7, 2016

This white paper looks at the key issue areas that are essential for healthy communities to exist: health equity, economic opportunity, and education. It also recognizes that an equity agenda must be present in each of the afore mentioned areas. The paper draws on insights and knowledge shared by presenters and participants at the 2016 America's Future Summit: Reimagining Opportunity in a Changing Nation and makes recommendations for fostering healthy communities and expanding opportunity for Latinos and all Americans.

Activating Latino Millennial Civic Power: A Report of the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Convening - Unlocking Latino Millennial Civic Potential

November 1, 2016

The report highlights the ideas and conversations that came from a June 2016 convening of 26 bright minds who developed five inspirational and impactful projects designed to increase Latino Millennial civic engagement.

Unlocking Latino Civic Potential 2016 and Beyond

January 20, 2016

In August 2015, the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program and the Aspen Institute Citizenship and American Identity Program convened a diverse group of distinguished scholars, organizers, and other experts and leaders to discuss the challenges and causes of low Latino civic participation and to develop recommendations for unlocking Latino civic potential in the United States.This is a vital topic, as the U.S. Latino population is growing rapidly, is overwhelmingly young, and thus will see growing power and influence in American society and politics, if Latinos are able to more fully realize their civic potential. Increasing Latino civic and political participation rates today will pay dividends for generations to come; likewise, missing the opportunity to do so will have consequences to the health of our democracy for generations to come.This report identifies four priority areas and tactics for unleashing the civic potential of Latinos in the United States. Focusing on immigrant integration and naturalization, voter engagement, civic education, and leadership development; the report offers a comprehensive vision for how to engage the nation's fastest growing demographic, beyond election cycles, to participate more fully in our democracy.