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Enduring strengths: Analysing the UK’s current and potential economic strengths, and what they mean for its economic strategy, at the start of the decisive decade

April 28, 2022

Key to building a new economic strategy which can revitalise the UK economy after a decade of stagnation is understanding our current strengths, how these strengths evolve, and the trade-offs they present.The report uses global data on trade in goods and services and patenting to uncover where the UK's relative strengths lie; we study the extent to which these strengths have changed over time and compare with international peers; and undertake several deep dives into the areas in which the UK has developed a specialism. Finally we consider what the UK's mix of specialisms means for a wider economic strategy.

Children and Clinical Research : Ethical Issues

May 1, 2015

This report looks at how children and young people can ethically be involved in research, and makes recommendations about the roles and responsibilities of children, their parents or guardians, researchers and others.

The Role of Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies: Report on Research Findings in the U.K., Ireland, Canada and the U.S.

July 25, 2011

Migrants play an increasingly significant role in caring for the elderly due to a growing number of older people and declining domestic labour supplies, according to this report in the IOM Migration Research Series. It examines the demand for migrant care workers; compares the experiences of migrants, employers and older people; and presents recommendations for addressing the increasing significance of elder care and its implications for migrant labour.

Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies: Research Findings in the United Kingdom

January 1, 2009

This study focused on the current and future role of migrant (foreign born) workers in the care of older people. It investigated the current and potential future demand for migrant carers in an ageing society; the experiences of migrant care workers, their employers and of older people in residential and home care settings; and the implications of these findings for the social care of older people and for migration policy. Focusing on the UK, it was one of four country studies conducted between Spring 2007 and Spring 2009 in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Canada.

Going Global: A Review of International Development Funding by UK Trusts and Foundations

June 1, 2007

This study report looks specifically at foundations whose international funding, like their own, is less than £1 million per annum. It describes the wider funding context to which foundations contribute and the methods that are being used to fund on a similar scale. Statistical data, case studies and two appendices dealing with the detail of project scope as well as the discussion of the methodology are also included.