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Arts at the Core: Every School, Every Student

October 12, 2005

The profound impact of arts education on children and youth follows them throughout their lives. Arts education rewards our children by helping them to reach practical goals such as academic achievement and career success. Arts education enriches our youth with social, cultural and emotional benefits. As shown in study after study, a widely held belief in the positive value of arts education is shared by parents, teachers, school administrators and arts education experts.This belief is the reason that arts education has historically been an important part of the education of our children in the United States. However, deeper analysis both nationwide and here in Illinois reveals a gap between what individuals, educators and elected officials profess as the value of arts education and what is allocated to arts education in terms of budget, faculty, class time, curriculum, planning and evaluation.Illinois Creates is a broad-based statewide coalition of 150 education, business, civic and arts advocates dedicated to promoting a comprehensive, standards-based arts education program for all Illinois public school students.

Self-Sufficiency and Safety: The Case for Onsite Domestic Violence Services at Employment Services Agencies

December 1, 2004

This report presents the findings of a two-year demonstration project that provided domestic violence services to participants in programs at employment services agencies, highlighting the challenges, service needs, and outcomes of low-income domestic violence survivors as they struggle to keep themselves and their children safe, become and remain employed, and attain self-sufficiency.

Unlocking Options for Women: A Survey of Women in Cook County Jail

April 1, 2002

On October 31, 2001, 60 members of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless conducted in-depth, one-on-one surveys with 235 of the 1,117 women detained that day in Cook County Jail. These surveys were designed and conducted to gain an understanding of women's lives that may dictate and support policy initiatives and further direct service providers in assisting those in need. This study was conducted to document the lives of women detained in Cook County Jail and promote understanding of their many experiences. It reveals a great deal about the lives, current circumstances, and future hopes of 235 women detained that day.

Teaching Partnerships: Report of a National Forum on Partnerships Improving Teaching of the Arts

November 18, 2001

The forum convened on November 18-19, 2001 at Lincoln Center, New York. The forum on partnerships to improve teaching the arts was an outgrowth of earlier gatherings and of research to identify and respond to current challenges to sustain and enhance quality arts teaching. During 1999 the Arts Education Partnership convened a task force which concluded that improved teaching hinges on collaborations among three key sectors engaged in the preparation and strengthening of the arts teaching force: (1) colleges and universities; (2) public education systems at the state and local levels; and (3) arts and cultural organizations. The focus of the forum was on the practices of educational partnerships in five areas: (1) pre-service education; (2) professional development; (3) engaging leadership; (4) documenting impact; and (5) sustaining the partnerships. Thirteen exemplary partnerships were invited to attend the forum. Each partnership was asked to bring to the forum a team that included a representative from higher education, from a local school district, and from participating arts and cultural organizations. This report on the forum contains five sections: (1) "Preface"; (2) "Introduction"; (3) "Challenges"; (4) "Best Practices and Strategies for Success"; and (5) "Action Recommendations." Appended are references (n=20) and partnership descriptions.