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Social Economy for the Full Inclusion of People with Disabilities : Best Practice Guide

December 1, 2020

This publication aims to raise awareness and promote the potential of European social economy enterprises and organisations in the inclusion of people with disabilities by sharing good practices which look at: employment, training and education, services and accessibility.The content of this guide is based on information and expertise provided and gathered by members of the Social Economy and Disability Working Group (SE&D)  through consultation with the Social Economy Europe (SEE) member organisations and partners, as well as other relevant stakeholders in the field.

Some Aspects Concerning the Romanian Labour Market in the Context of Emigration

January 1, 2012

Workforce migration is a phenomenon that has grown over the past 20 years the European Union. Regarding Romania, the prevalence of emigration phenomenon holds. This paper aims to realize a study concerning some aspects of the labour market in Romania. We started from the fact that a part of the workforce educated in our country emigrates in order to find a better paying job and a better life. Emigration has positive effects in economic, social and cultural area as well as negative effects for instance on the labour market in the country of origin; it may produce unbalances in the parent-child relationships and it also may create a labuor shortage in some sectors of the economy.